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I am still waiting for the post office to reply and also compensate the damages they caused. i filed a AG complaint to the Illinois Attorney Generals Office, they made an allegation they sent the complaint to the US Postmaster who i called on the phone and the US Postmaster doesn’t know a dam thing of the alleged compaint sent to them, it was so embarrassing and awful when i called the AG’s office up on the phone to find out whats going on with my complaint its a long enduring thing i had to mention and i could tell the operate didn’t even give a dam about me as she kept cover the month piece up on her phone and talking to someone else while i was still talking and when i noticed that i stopped speaking and then waited for the person to listen to what i had to say and because i felt my rights was violated of a extremely bad crime that happened to me i stated i pray all of you get voted out of office due to your failure and lies and lack of work and lack of care of the American People. I’m pissed!!! i have intellectual property missing mailed in the mail where the single point of reference is a complaint form to the AG Office! I cant stand them people any more! Their not even doing their job as contracted by the American People! Their disgusting people that are collecting tax payers dollars to preforma job to defend the people from harm and they just FAILED! They SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i filed a civil compalint against a man that murdered my mom as well as his prior wife where the sheriffs office had posted a sticker summoning him to court and he took the sticker off his door, he is refusing to answer his door, and he lacked appearance in court where i had to re file the case with a second form of proof of service. rudolph needs to be arrested for failure to appear, that is a arrestable offense. i suffer from trauma from what he did to me my mom and others for a long period of time, when i called the FBI Washington office up about the case they told me his disposition is that of one who is a serial killer and he might be responsible for other cases. we need this case resolved. it isn’t direct malice at all if i am defending my mom in writing and through court of whom he murdered. His name is Rudolph C Crnkovich.

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